About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting our site.

My names Gary and I’ve been deeply involved in collectibles since 1969. Everything from 1920s science fiction pulp magazines to 1950s MAD’s to Pokemon, I’ve loved them all.

Recently, my wife asked me to start a website selling only my most unique things. She said I could name it after my beautiful daughter Akara, hence AKARAco.com. That’s her on the header of the home page.

I would love to hear from all of you with questions or suggestions.
When you have the time check out my eBay. ID: king_pokemon

Gotta Catch ‘Em All,

Gary Haase

P.S. Check out the video below where I was featured on the hit television show Pawn Stars. I’m really proud of it. It has been viewed over 10 million times so I guess you could say, I’ve gone viral;)

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Take a moment to checkout my eBay store! I have pages upon pages of collectibles for you to checkout.

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Pawn Stars Appearance

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